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Ally's Balti house in Earlsdon

Ally's Balti House in Earlsdon


48 Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6EJ

Tel: 024 7671 5709


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I cant beleve it, I acually found this restaurant by mistake, we thought

we were ordering food from another place and when we got it back

and discovered it was allys balti house we changed our review plans as I have never eaten here before, but as soon as we tucked in it was really good, still piping hot and great value a hidden gem.

Anthony Johnson.

Please mention this website when ordering, you may be entitaled to a discount. (subject to offer details)

One school of thought states that name 'Balti' for food may reflect the fact that an ethnic group living in that area of north Pakistan are called Balti. Alternatively, 'Balti' food is named after the pot in which it is cooked like with ally's balti house in earldson. That origin of the word is to do with the Urdu and Hindi word balty -balti, which means "bucket." This is the huge prtions served at allys balti house (just kinding)

.As mentioned in the late nineteenth century in Hobson-Jobson, the term 'balti' refers to the steel or iron pot in which the food is cooked or served like with earlsdon based Allys balti house, taken from the word 'balti', which is derived from the Portuguese word 'balde', meaning bucket/pail, which was taken to India by the Portuguese on their seafaring enterprises in late fifteenth century. Therefore, originally, the word 'Balti' refers to a bucket, then evolving to its meaning as a cooking pot.


Loyd Grossman, under whose name a range of factory-made British curry sauces is marketed, claims on his Balti sauce jar that the term comes from a word for "hubcap," since Pakistani truckers would cook their Balti in a hubcap

I will tell you now that this is not even close to the great taste of ally balti house.


According to Anthony Johnson, the origins of the word can be traced back to the area of Earlsdon in Coventry, where the guys cook in a cast iron wok similar to the Chinese way of cooking. (Baltistan shares a border with China). In his Coventry restaurant website he say's "The balti pan is a round-bottomed, wok-like heavy cast-iron dish with two handles.but dont take his word for it get yourself down to allys balti house in Coventry!

Ally's Balti House in Earlsdon Coventry

Ally's Balti House Earlsdon Coventry With 4 star review on takeaway food this is a must!