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Holbrooks, also written Holbrook's, is a residential area of Coventry, West Midlands, England.


Most of the length of the four brooks which pass through the area are covered or culverted, one culvert is adjacent to the recently built housing on Watery Lane. Another brook passes through and under the grounds of Parkgate School. The brooks then head off towards the river Sherbourne and the Sowe.

Holbooks is situated some 3 mi (5 km) north-west to the city centre and was largely developed for private and council housing during the 1950s and to replace the many homes destroyed by air raids during the Second World War.


Some areas are pre-war, Farm Close was built in the 1920s as local industry expanded. A lot of terraced houses were built in Holbrooks around the mid 1930s. One 1930s housing estates is locally known as 'The Dales', a somewhat tired housing estate close to the Ricoh Arena, and separated from it by a railway line and a main road, the A444 Phoenix Way.


The Dales estate was mostly built in 1936, locally named this because it consists of the following streets: Lauderdale Avenue, Kirkdale Avenue, Farndale Avenue, Glaisdale Avenue, Langdale Avenue and Bransdale Avenue. Though the houses on the left when entering Langdale Avenue were built slightly later in the early 1940s and are early examples of a cavity walled brickwork design. The property known as number 8, Langdale Avenue was a dental surgery for many years. Today this estate is troubled by parking problems, a lack of green spaces and any play areas for children.