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Takeaway delivery services in Coventry

Indian Chinese Italian/Pizza Fast Food

Takeaways, often called delivery and is also sometimes called take-out. Establishments that sell take-out exclusively without providing table service are called take-out restaurants or take-aways.


There is no clear line between street food and takeout. Crêpe stands in France, for example, may be as permanently situated as a kiosk or news stand, and some take-out windows (coffee, pizza, and ice cream for example) clearly expect that the food will be eaten out of its package on the street. Take-out proper may need to be unpacked and laid out, rather than eaten directly from its package.


Certain types of food that are normally served in sit-down restaurants are commonly available as take-out. Pizza is one example: some pizzerias and chains have no tables, and supply for take-out and delivery only. Another classic take-out food is Western-styled Chinese food. In the past few decades, as immigrants from more and more Asian countries emigrate to the West, more and more types of cuisine are available: Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. In the UK, Indian food is also a popular form of take-away as well as kebabs from the Middle East.


Some businesses have taken a cue from the ever increasing popularity in takeout, and have created franchises to deliver food from restaurants which do not themselves deliver.